Blackberry Smoke

Review: Blackberry Smoke “Like an Arrow”

Blackberry Smoke is a Georgia southern rock band I discovered…

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A Vampire Apocalypse?

While the the title of this short film, “Lasiurus,” leaves…

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Will Smith as Neo

That Time Will Smith Almost Became Neo

Just about every movie you can think of once had…

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Short Film Friday: Rise of the Robots

David Karlak ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised $38,000…

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Johnny Cab

Say Goodbye to Your Uber Driver

We are in the first days of a revolution in…

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antique trunk

The Story of an Antique, Fargo-Made, Monson Flat Top Trunk

Some people like to fill their home with antiques, and…

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Saturdays with Stephen: 58 King Adaptations Ranked

Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of…

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monster truck

7 Canadian Artists Virtually Unknown in America

Growing up in North Dakota, I got a heavy dose…

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clock tower 2

Why This Back to the Future Set Looks Familiar, and Other Easter Eggs

For anyone who has taken the Universal Studios tour, it’s…

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Vegas UFO

UFOs Reported Over Las Vegas, July 3rd, 2016

A post in my Facebook feed alerted me to this…

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Manicouagan crater

How a North Dakota Meteorite Impact Helped Create an Oil Boom

Did you know North Dakota is home to an ancient…

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skeleton key

A Haunting: Unlocking the Door

The last installment of this serial, a year and a…

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Ghost town Lincoln Valley, North Dakota

The Colors of Goodbye

If you know me, you know I’ve spent more than…

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Found Photos: 1930s Minnesota

Found photos are a simple pleasure. I get a lot…

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Saturdays with Stephen: More Great Horror Movies

In the last entry of Saturdays with Stephen, I recounted…

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Fargo Moorhead Lost and Found is Out

Our newest book, Fargo Moorhead Lost and Found is out,…

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Saturdays with Stephen: King Names Greatest Horror Movies

On September 8th, 1979, Stephen King appeared on the weekly…

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Saturdays with Stephen: “It” to Get Film Adaptation

I originally intended to cover a Stephen King list of…

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indiana jones feature

That Time Tom Selleck Almost Became Indiana Jones

Tales of actors that almost got the role of a…

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FM Lost and Found Launches

Sonic Tremor Media is proud to announce the launch of…

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