Belief is a marketing and design agency that I became aware of some years ago via this video: Pollinate. I have watched this video on at least ten occasions. I’ve shown it to my wife, who is in the advertising industry, and I even made my staff sit down and watch this once when I was the Program Director of a radio station.

This video, “Pollinate” is a mind-blowing tutorial on creativity and inspiration, with a powerful message on “cannibalizing the world” and digging deep for the best ideas. If you’re in any kind of creative industry, I would encourage you to set aside an hour to watch this video. I’m pretty sure that, just like me, you’ll come away inspired to create. Enjoy!

Belief ‘Pollinate’ from kenny Benitez on Vimeo.

Troy Larson is a father, author, and photographer from Fargo, North Dakota.