Streaming online content to the television is becoming more and more common, and I love streaming a full-length YouTube movie to the TV, especially considering how hard it is to find specific videos in the aftermath of the death of video rentals. I’ve often wished someone would just put up a site that catalogs free video content, but I can only imagine the size of that job.

So, if you’re looking for a good, free, full-length movie to stream to your TV or Roku box, here are six recommendations.

  • Reign of Fire
    Starring Christian Bale. The movie that taught us the dragons of our nightmares might just be real, waiting for an unsuspecting child to awaken them. Also starring Matthew McConaughey. Uploaded by user: LethemTV
  • Cannonball Run
    The quality isn’t the greatest on this one, but if you have a soft spot for the old 70s and 80s car flicks like I do, this Burt Reynolds and a cast of thousands flick is thoroughly entertaining.  Uploaded by user: rehman choudhery
  • The Recruit
    Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. Nuff said.  Uploaded by user: LethemTV
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
    There was a time when McDreamy could pull off the role of a nerd. A classic 80s coming of age flick starring Patrick Dempsey.  Uploaded by user: Frank Lee
  • Firebirds
    If you can stand Nicolas Cage, and I’m aware a lot of people can’t, this is a pretty good movie. Released in the era when Top Gun was collecting buckets of money. This one is about Apache helicopter pilots. Tommy Lee Jones co-stars.  Uploaded by user: Greg Green
  • Blood In Blood Out: Bound by Honor
    This one is a personal cult choice and a favorite for my wife and I for over a decade. This three-hour epic by Taylor Hackford centers on three cousins in The Barrio, raised as brothers, and the different paths their lives take.  An early motion picture appearance for Benjamin Bratt.  Uploaded by user: SPEEDFREAK200008

Next time you catch yourself in the airport with an unexpected layover, connect to the wireless, come back to this page and watch one of these.

Troy Larson is a father, author, and photographer from Fargo, North Dakota.