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So Many Secrets, part 9: Lost in the Rain

It’s been a long time since I’ve published a new chapter, and there are a number of reasons for that. I started this chapter one night last fall, just as a storm began to roll in. It was just before sundown and the sky was dark and featureless, mostly a flat gray, but just as […]

A Haunting: Getting Our Attention

A Haunting: Getting Our Attention

I’ve written before about the strange electrical anomalies that sometimes happen in our house–bulbs that burn out in spectacular fashion and exercise equipment that suddenly acts funny–and last night we had another instance. As we often do, my wife Rebecca and I were sitting at the dining room table chatting after supper when I heard […]

Scary Movies from Every Year Since 2000

Every year in September, just as the leaves start turning entrancing shades of gold and red, we start watching scary movies in our house. It’s just what you do. Clean up after supper, gather some blankets, snacks and beverages, then browse through DirecTV, Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, and if all else fails, resort to our […]


So Many Secrets, part 8: A Burden on the Family

If someone in your family had fourteen children and seven of them died before the age of two, what would be your first thought? I discovered two ancestors, my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother, Joseph Maltby and Anna Simpson, had fourteen children in the span of about 25 years, between the mid-1870s and early-1900s, and […]

Sink or Swim

So Many Secrets, part 7: Sink or Swim

I was in my bed reading a book when I heard the back door close. It was after bedtime on a weeknight and I was supposed to be asleep. I don’t recall if my mom was in bed or working at the time, but my dad had been out having a couple beers, and when […]


A Haunting: Reminders

The posts about the haunting in our house don’t come as frequently as they once did, I know, but things ebb and flow and mostly it’s been ebb… until recently. We’ve been moving a lot of things around at our house as we get rid of a few things, and it seems almost like the […]

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7 More True Stories That Should Be Movies

Now and then, when I’m reading something new, I say to myself “Holy cow! That should be a movie,” and then I usually add it to a list for some future day when I have time to blog about it. You can read the previous examples, 12 Real Stories Begging for Movie Treatment, and 9 […]

Short Story: The Rider

The sound of the crash was incredibly loud, and Patrick could only hear a high-pitched ringing in his ears. The collision was violent, and he swayed left in the impact, then back to the right. For one instant, he caught a glimpse of the rider going over the hood amidst a thousand micro-satellites of debris….